UNPLANNED: PacWest SIP outage

10:30 Jan 23 2013 Los Angeles, CA, USA

Major outage on their SIP customers. Some kind of router issue per their announcements. Went down about 10:30 am Pacific and remains down at this time (5:00 pm Pacific).
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Abraham (Apr 15 2013)
We had such similar wekneeds (as far unplanning goes). The hubs and I just winged it for the weekend and ironically, we did a lot for being spur of the moment. But, it was lovely the only bummer is having to deal with being tired on Monday! =) By the way, the lemonade and strawberries pic is my fave. That is one my favorite treats! YUM!xo,nancy
huagihyr (Apr 16 2013)
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