UNPLANNED: Power Outage/Fiber Splice In Hawaii.

07:00 Jan 16 2013 Hawaii, USA

UNPLANNED: Power Outage/Fiber Splice In Hawaii. UNPLANNED: Power Outage/Fiber Splice In Hawaii. UNPLANNED: Power Outage/Fiber Splice In Hawaii.
Looks like there is either a rather Large Power outage or Fiber Cut In Hawaii at the moment. I personally have multiple circuits down and Random packet loss to Different Carriers on the Islands. Anyone else seeing anything similar?

-- Brent Roberts

UPDATE: Jan 16, 2013.
The trouble began with an arson fire under the airport viaduct. Authorities said a homeless man in his 50's suffered serious burns when he started the blaze. The flames scorched a large span of Hawaiian Telcom's fiber optic cable. The damage also affected other carriers like Oceanic Time Warner Cable and Sprint. Services for the most part has been restored.
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